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VOLVO - XC90 for sale near Houston, TX - July 2007

VOLVO XC90 for sale near Houston, Texas – the perfect Volvo!

George Dill here in Temple, Texas, on this fine July morning 2007.

I am the go-between (no fee) on this award-winning Volvo SUV as the owner prefers a minimal internet presence and wishes to deal with motivated buyers. I have known this lady for more than twelve years and all of her personal Volvos have been top-notch rides.

Please contact me at 254-541-2199 mobile anytime for more details and additional contact info.

This Volvo won First Place Stock XC90 at the Kansas City Midsommar VCOA Meet. All y’all googlers have at it and good luck!

The KBB on this marvelous Volvo is currently $22,010 and the owner has priced it at $19,500 cash US firm. At 77,000 the car is serviced, inspected, tagged and ready to roll. The new owner will be securing the car from the Conroe, Texas, area north of Houston.

This 2004 white Volvo SUV with beige leather is a 5-cylinder turbo with all-wheel drive, third seat and multiple air bags. For you Carfaxers the VIN is YV1LZ5642W2492077. The 100,000 mile warranty is still in effect.